Thursday, January 12, 2012

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My grandfather was manic depressive. His father was also manic depressive. It runs in our family. I accept it, and while I am thankfully not carrying the diagnosis, I do know that I suffer from mild depression from time to time. So when it rears its ugly head my eating habits show it. With a little depression, I mindlessly munch. When I'm really hurting, I eat almost nothing at all. Neither of which are healthy eating habits.

This week has had me a little down. I knew I was in trouble for my new "diet" when I mindlessly scarfed down a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting Tuesday morning at 6:45am. I don't remember what it tasted like. I didn't savor it. I didn't enjoy it, and I sure didn't enjoy it when I realized it was almost 400 calories. However, the great thing about not dieting, and the great thing about not just writing a New Year's Resolution, is that I didn't break anything. I didn't cheat at a diet. I didn't break a resolution. I failed to meet my goals for a day or two. So what now? Now, I pick myself back up and start again, because I'm not trying to see how many days I can eat healthy before I mess up. I'm changing ME. It's a life change, and in my lifetime, I fully intend to ENJOY a few cupcakes. It just means today I work a little harder. I drink a little more water. I eat a few less calories. Yesterday didn't change my goals.

So if on this 12th day of the year, you're struggling with "Oh I just broke my resolution" ask yourself instead, "Did I change my goals?" and if you didn't, then just pick it back up and go forward. You (AND I!) can achieve our goals!

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