Sunday, July 13, 2008

one more lesson this weekend

For the first time, we went to Walgreen's. They had these old fashioned soda's in glass bottles on sale that we just had to try. Well we bought 4 different flavors to try but little dude didn't want soda. He wanted chocolate milk.

So here is what happened...
We are home passing around the sodas, remarking at how much like caramel or even a Wurthers candy the cream soda tastes when little dude says...

"Mom you have to taste my drink. It tastes milk."

Yes dear, I'm sure it does.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lessons from my 3 year old

Ok, so I'm on my third son, and I thought I'd heard it all. Wrong.

Lessons learned in the past 24 hours:
1- (3 year old son) "Mommy can I have some Pepsi?"
(Mom) "No"
(wailing, arguing, bargaining ensue from 3 year old)
(eerie silence)
(son) "Mommy. I REALLLLLLY like your Pepsi, so don't look behind my back!"
(guess what he had.....yes it was confiscated)

2-(same son) "Mommy can have cake now?"
(Mom) "Did you finish your green beans?"
(son) "Yes." (hands covering top of bowl)
(Mom) "No. You may not have cake."

3-(Mom) "Son, are you allowed to play with Mommy's new vacuum?"
(son)"Um...............don't talk to me"

Enough said.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Long, Long Ago

Long, long ago in a land not so far away my husband and I started this journey. I've seen a lot, done a lot, jumped some hurtles, and got caught by a few too. 10 years ago when we got married, I wouldn't have blogged. 8 years ago when my 1st son was born, I wouldn't have blogged. 7 years ago when another son was born, I wouldn't have blogged. 3 years ago when my youngest son was born, I still wouldn't have blogged. But now...welcome to my blog.

"I am no one special" - I am simply a Christian, a wife of 10+ years, a mother to three sons, a daughter, a sister, and much, much more. So no, I am no one special. I am not famous, rich, or any of the other traditional standards of importance in this world, but I am hoping that I write something that helps someone, even if it's only me.

So why now? Because I think the hurtles may finally have stopped making me quit the race. I still can't say that I successfully jump them all, but I've learned to keep pressing on to the goals. Such a simple lesson, but it took me 30 years. Maybe I'm just stubborn.