Friday, April 2, 2010

A Year of Firsts...

You wouldn't think that 12 years of marriage would be anything different or special. You wouldn't expect in the middle of that 12th year to come upon a year of firsts, but we have. First time Russ has had his main job in his preferred field... first time living 10 hours away from grandparents. It's that last "first" that has caused so many other firsts. First Thanksgiving meal prepared by myself. I made the turkey, the mashed potatoes, the gravy, EVERYTHING by myself.Well this weekend is full of more firsts... tonight we'll be attending our first Good Friday service at church. Russ is singing "Watch the Lamb" with his boys sitting in the audience.
Tomorrow I'm cooking my first Easter meal. The men voted to have lamb. That, too, will be a first for many of us. Easter Sunday will be the first time the boys and I have ever attended a sunrise service. For those of you that know me well, I don't often like to admit that there is a 6:45 in the MORNING. I'm not a morning person. Alex is VERY much like me in this case. This should be interesting. Then on to regular services and then Easter meal with great friends.

Sure, I'm a little reminiscent of all those Easter dinners at my mom's house, and I miss my nieces and nephews, but that will make vacations all the sweeter. I'm looking forward to spending this weekend with friends. It's another first for me... and I'm happy to encounter every first that God grants us.