Monday, January 30, 2012

Healthy Living - One Month Later

Well, folks, it's been nearly a month of rethinking my grocery list, spending half a day staring at produce, and counting EVERY (and I mean every single one...) calorie I put into my mouth. So I guess the natural thing to do would be to evaluate the success and/or failures.

1 - Preparedness - If I don't have a menu planned and produced purchased, I WILL revert to the mentality of "I need a protein, and then what can I shove to the side of it"

2 - Fast Food - I no longer care if it says "grilled chicken" or "whole wheat bun" - Fast Food has too many calories for my needs right now. No longer do I view that option as a quick and easy substitute for dinner on a busy night. If I'm going to "splurge" on my calorie count, it better be a planned event for a really good reason (hopefully based on flavor and not schedule).

3 - Effectiveness - It works. Plain and simple, eating this way has gotten me past my first major weight loss plateau. For that, I am eternally grateful. I also have not minded one bit the wonderful flavors we have discovered in fresher cooking!

All in all, I'm happy! I hope we can keep doing this forever! Even hubs is having trouble with loose pants! :) No worries, so far not so loose as to create an international incident or anything! The only "old food" request I've had so far is our youngest, Alex, for his 7th birthday - all he wanted was Kraft Blue Box Macaroni and Cheese, and like the wonderful mother I am (laugh with me here) I made it for us. :) Happy Birthday, Bug!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Healthy Living Personal Thoughts

My grandfather was manic depressive. His father was also manic depressive. It runs in our family. I accept it, and while I am thankfully not carrying the diagnosis, I do know that I suffer from mild depression from time to time. So when it rears its ugly head my eating habits show it. With a little depression, I mindlessly munch. When I'm really hurting, I eat almost nothing at all. Neither of which are healthy eating habits.

This week has had me a little down. I knew I was in trouble for my new "diet" when I mindlessly scarfed down a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting Tuesday morning at 6:45am. I don't remember what it tasted like. I didn't savor it. I didn't enjoy it, and I sure didn't enjoy it when I realized it was almost 400 calories. However, the great thing about not dieting, and the great thing about not just writing a New Year's Resolution, is that I didn't break anything. I didn't cheat at a diet. I didn't break a resolution. I failed to meet my goals for a day or two. So what now? Now, I pick myself back up and start again, because I'm not trying to see how many days I can eat healthy before I mess up. I'm changing ME. It's a life change, and in my lifetime, I fully intend to ENJOY a few cupcakes. It just means today I work a little harder. I drink a little more water. I eat a few less calories. Yesterday didn't change my goals.

So if on this 12th day of the year, you're struggling with "Oh I just broke my resolution" ask yourself instead, "Did I change my goals?" and if you didn't, then just pick it back up and go forward. You (AND I!) can achieve our goals!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Healthier Living Step 1 - Grocery Shopping

In order to make this healthier living work, we had to go to the store and flip our normal grocery list upside down. No more starting boxes of this and cans of that and adding a little meat and oh... we should really have a veggie. No! now we shop STARTING in the produce and deciding what things need to go with the yummy, from the earth, goodness we find there.

So we went today. This is just a first attempt, but when I came home, I couldn't help but lay it all out on my table and drink in the wonderful sights and smells of the fresh produce. So here it is for all to enjoy and also to continue to motivate me!

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Resolution - Not to Write a Resolution

Ok I know it's very cliche, but I am REFUSING to write a New Year's Resolution. Why? Well, because they're rarely, if ever, successfully kept. So just like last year, and the year before that, not to write a resolution on a whim just because the calendar is going to flip over and make us all one year older.

However, I am coming up on the beginning of my third year of a total body and life transformation. For the first time in my life, I belong to a gym. I go because I want to; I go because I like it. I'm not going because the Superintendant mandated that I should go. I'm going for me. I have lost 25lbs in 2 years. That sounds like very little - a pound a month, BUT I was still eating whatever I wanted for the most part. Now, however, I am making those changes as well now that my workouts have become a steady lifestyle habit. Step 1 was to give up regular soda for diet. Step 2 is now to replace half of all my drinks with water, and also to remove all the heavily processed foods from our diet. No more blue boxes of mac & cheese for me, and if I'm not going to eat it, then why would I give it to my growing boys?

It's a process, but we're getting there, and for the most part, we're getting there with smiles on our faces.

Newest goal? 25 more pounds by May 18th, 2011. What's the significance of that date? Stay tuned to find out........