Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Break

This week is exactly the kind of breath of fresh air that I've been desperately needing! FALL BREAK!! No getting up early to take kids to school, no stopping in the middle of my afternoon activities to go get kids from school, endless flexibility and opportunities!!! We're going to take a Zoo day, a swimming trip, and a seminary chapel service!

Then it'll be on to getting this place fixed up just the way we've wanted just in time for family to visit. It's going to be great!! I can't wait!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

I'm So Blue

Maybe we watch a few too many VeggieTales around our place, but today I can't help but walk around humming "I'm So Blue" as sung by Madame Blueberry. I'm not jealous, envious, or covetous of other people's stuff from StuffMart, but I'm blue.

It comes and goes. This time it feels like just hanging around like a nasty little stormcloud. No one looking at me would know, but I know, and my family knows. (Sorry guys, I know I've been a little snippy lately.)

I'm going to find my way out of this hole I'm stuck in, but I'd sure appreciate prayers and patience. THANKS!