Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Overwhelmed, but all positive

Tomorrow is my last day at work.
Friday is the kids' last day at school.
Vacation Bible School starts on Sunday evening.
Russ is on vacation here at home with us all next week.
My cousin Emily gets married next Saturday.
I'm hosting a Pampered Chef party on June 23rd.

AND.... The biggest news.....
The interview went SO WELL that within 30 minutes we were all asked (even the kids) to come to Indiana for a long weekend in mid-July for a BBQ on Saturday, Russ leading all the hymns and music on Sunday morning including singing a solo for special music, and a church vote in the evening.

It's going to be a whirlwind around here for a LONG while. I hope everyone has their tray in the upright and locked position and their seatbelts securely fastened.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

And then the volcano erupts...

I woke up on Monday morning thinking "Ok. Today is D-day. Today is the day the seminary said we would know if they have an apartment for us." I went to work intending to call them at lunch. I simply could not remember the phone number. So then I thought "well, I'll call them when I get home from work" and then I had to do something extra at the end of the day and didn't make it home in time. I was starting to get depressed that I hadn't managed to get the information that was so important to me. I headed home, and found that Russ had very sweetly handled the whole thing over his lunch break.

So ... what's the word? Wait. Once again we were told to wait. The seminary in an effort to eliminate he said/she said sends out emails so that everyone has everything in writing and they anticipated those letters would go out on Friday June 5, and we'd have a week to make our decision if we were offered an apartment.

An hour later we got unexpected news, the church in Indiana would like to have a conference call with Russ on Sunday evening June 7. If he got this job, we wouldn't NEED an apartment from the Seminary!! YAY! Ok so we wait for the email on Friday and the call on Sunday and then we'll have nearly a week to make the decisions.....right?

NOPE! The next morning we woke to an email offering us an apartment at the Seminary. It's not available July 1 like we had asked, but it is available August 1. The only catch. We now have to tell them June 8th. That's right, less than 24 hours after the phone interview/conference call, we have to decide about the apartment. During those hours we also have to sleep and work. If we take the apartment we're locked into a year long lease at a pretty substantial rental price. If we count on Russ getting the job and decline the apartment and the job falls through, we go back on the waiting list, and start over. In that case, we'll be moving NEXT YEAR.

I'm so glad I have a stead fast, rock solid, faith filled husband. I'm going out of my mind, and lucky for me, he's picking up all the pieces. I love you, Russ.