Monday, January 30, 2012

Healthy Living - One Month Later

Well, folks, it's been nearly a month of rethinking my grocery list, spending half a day staring at produce, and counting EVERY (and I mean every single one...) calorie I put into my mouth. So I guess the natural thing to do would be to evaluate the success and/or failures.

1 - Preparedness - If I don't have a menu planned and produced purchased, I WILL revert to the mentality of "I need a protein, and then what can I shove to the side of it"

2 - Fast Food - I no longer care if it says "grilled chicken" or "whole wheat bun" - Fast Food has too many calories for my needs right now. No longer do I view that option as a quick and easy substitute for dinner on a busy night. If I'm going to "splurge" on my calorie count, it better be a planned event for a really good reason (hopefully based on flavor and not schedule).

3 - Effectiveness - It works. Plain and simple, eating this way has gotten me past my first major weight loss plateau. For that, I am eternally grateful. I also have not minded one bit the wonderful flavors we have discovered in fresher cooking!

All in all, I'm happy! I hope we can keep doing this forever! Even hubs is having trouble with loose pants! :) No worries, so far not so loose as to create an international incident or anything! The only "old food" request I've had so far is our youngest, Alex, for his 7th birthday - all he wanted was Kraft Blue Box Macaroni and Cheese, and like the wonderful mother I am (laugh with me here) I made it for us. :) Happy Birthday, Bug!

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