Thursday, July 14, 2011

Moving Again ... Update 1.0

I live in Flea Central. Never before anywhere else I've ever lived have the little pests been such a HUGE problem that it feels nearly insurmountable. That being said, they're in our current home AND in our future home, so everything is at a stop until they're dead... oh yeah, and until the new house gets updated electrical. Yeah, that might be a big problem too.

So in the meantime and in between time (I think I got that phrase from Toby Mac) I've been cleaning, organizing, pitching, and donating nearly every room in my home. I've had graph paper and measuring tape out planning the new home! I've had paintbrushes out painting the kitchen, master bedroom, and bathroom. (There was some HIDEOUS wallpaper in all three rooms!)

HOPEFULLY there will be photos and an open house in no time!!