Monday, July 6, 2009

PACKING! Aaaaaagh!

I'm done working.
The kids are ALL HOME with me!
Alex is finally successfully adapting to the potty training.


I am packing.

I am packing for a four day weekend interview that will more than likely change our lives. If successful we will be moving 3 states west and starting a whole new adventure. I am packing up cute short sets for a BBQ. I am packing up swimwear for the hotel. I am packing up church clothes for the interview and vote day. By the end of the week, I will be packing up the van, packing up the cooler, and finally packing up Russ and the kids and heading out.

I am also so hopeful of this weekend's vote that I am packing up the house. I'm not super packer yet, but I'm putzing around getting a few things done. Already checked off my list, anything that was formerly hanging on the family room walls, anything resembling a longaberger basket, all my boyd's bears, all candles, and all Christmas Decor. Next up, craft supplies, dishes that we don't use everyday, and excess clothing (such as winter clothes).

Keep praying, friends!